Signs, Connections, Etc.


Please contact us if you’d like to display a NO! MINI-HOTELS sign in your yard. We would like to get the message out into the greater-Southern Shores community.

We will post a sign in your yard as soon as possible after you contact us. Please feel free to shift its location, if you prefer a different spot.

Thank you!

UPDATE . . . The new shipment of signs arrived in February. We now have plenty in stock. 

UPDATE 2/2/19: We just have a few more signs remaining before we reorder another batch. Thank you all so much for taking up the cause by displaying a yard sign!

UPDATE 1/21/19: Please read The Southern Shores Beacon’s blog posting for 1/20/19 concerning the Town’s objection to the placement of yard signs in the public right of way. 

UPDATE 1/16/19: The demand for yard signs has been swift and steady. We’re thrilled! Our sincere thanks to everyone who has requested a sign. Please tell your Southern Shores friends and neighbors how they can get theirs. Let’s get the word out everywhere in town that we oppose the construction of mini-hotels in our single-family residential districts. 

ONE MORE THING: All of the signs that you see posted are on private property, at the request of the property owner. That includes signs on vacant lots, such as those on Duck Road and Ocean Blvd. We have not placed any signs on street corners or elsewhere in town, simply for the sake of visibility. Thanks again!